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My MOST favourite holiday – of ALL the holidays – is Halloween. Yes, Halloween. I start planning a month in advance (and freak out if I start a day late). As a kid, I loved being in costume – perhaps its the drama queen in me one might say. But the thing is, I never really ever, dressed up like “somebody.”

I was never a witch, or a fairy, or a character. I’ve been a crayon, a dinosaur, a soda can, and a table (yes seriously. And yes, decked out in food. KFC fake food in fact and yes, I did stop by one to trick or treat and got some finger licking food for my troubles). This year I am torn between a Pinterest fave – gumball machine, or as McDonalds French fries (because I know that trick works to get some salty, savoury treats!)

Of course, I was all these different costumes because my mom made them. And I remember feeling my face get hot as some kids mocked me for my costumes, but I never let that get me out of the Halloween spirit. I am like Buddy the Elf, but Halloweenish. Call me Pumpkin Princess! And looking back now, I am so grateful that my mom took the time to make me these unique costumes; she had to put up with me panicking in July that I wasn’t ready for October thirty first, sourced the materials needed, and took the time to make me a costume each year. Thank you mom. Having done this myself now over the years I appreciate not only your hard work, but how you taught me to do this myself, through watching you.

Last year I went as the guy on the Operation gameboard. You know when the media focuses on how overly sexualized Halloween costumes have gotten for women? Not this girl. I was not only comfy, I was warm (It is October 31 in Canada, so winter jackets are usually over our costumes!) And of course, it was handmade…although I’ll come clean, I didn’t sew a thing, I brought out the guns…glue guns that is.

If you want to go as the guy from the Operation game (“Cavity Sam” is his name if anyone asks or its a Jeopardy question) then follow my tutorial below. And if you like Halloween as much as me, good ol’ Pumpkin Princess, follow my Pinterest board.

Operation Game Guy Costume DIY
Supplies needed
Sweatpants and top aka sweat suit, in your size
cardboard or coraplast or foam
red cotton material (1 metre)
black marker
elastic band
wire or string
red clown nose
glue gun or sewing needle and thread
Velcro strips

In the end I would say this DIY took me about 3-3.5 hrs to do.

Step 1
Find a sweat suit in your size. I got mine at Wal-Mart, I had to go to the men’s section because there were non in women’s, and I had to buy it separately. I think the top and bottom was $14.99/each.

Lay the suit out and draw where everything should be. Use this image as a reference.

Step 2
Cut out all the shapes you just made in the sweat suit.
Step 3
Cut the red material to fit the various spots you just cut out (doesn’t have to be perfect, no one will see the edges or shapes).

Step 4
Turn the top and bottom of the sweats inside out and sew or glue all the red pieces.

Step 5
Turn the outfit right side out and write in black marker all the parts.

Step 6 (this is the part that took me the longest)
Sketch (so that it fits inside the shapes you made on your suit and leaves a space around the foam so there would be room to ‘take out’ the game piece) and cut out all the game pieces (except the elastic band and tweezers) from your foam/paper/coraplast. I am not an artist, so this took me awhile. Colour any that you feel need colouring (the real game pieces don’t have colour, but I felt my shapes needed some definition.

Glue your rubber band to the right spot, stretching it a little.

Step 7
Attach Velcro to the red material and the game pieces.

Step 8
Take some tweezers and wrap wire around the top. Glue or pin it to your shoulder.

Put it on, add your nose and if you wanted to advance your costume,  you can download a buzzer sound and play it on your phone in case anyone wants to play Operation at your Halloween party!

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